Superintendent's Message

Superintendent Mr. Siefke

Joseph Siefke

Dear Blue Devil Families,


We made it through 2020! The year of Covid has certainly changed our day to day lives, but the one thing that hasn’t changed during the pandemic is our commitment to provide children with a high-quality education in a safe learning environment. 


I would like to personally thank our students and families for being so flexible this school year. This understanding and partnership allowed for a seamless transition to remote learning after Thanksgiving break.  I also want to to recognize our teachers and staff for 

their commitment to delivering a rigorous education in the classroom and online for students. Our teachers are a shining example of what dedication is, and they go above and beyond to meet the needs of students. They’ve also provided a sense of normalcy for students during an uncertain time. The entire Lisbon Exempted Village School District staff has been instrumental in re-enforcing health and safety measures with students daily. Teachers have also been creative in incorporating these measures into class lessons. Mrs. Lane at DAHS taught her students how to sew masks, blending in math skills such as  standard and metric units of measurement and decimals.


The goal has always been to have in-person learning for students K-12, as the district knows that face to face instruction is best for students. However, we know that during the pandemic there has to be an online education option provided by Lisbon staff. Regardless of the format, it’s critical that every child receives a high-quality education. Our ability to sustain in-person learning is determined by community spread. As we head into the winter break, please make careful decisions about  activities and travel. As we return to the classroom in January, I can’t stress how important it is to keep your child home if he or she is ill, or anyone in your house is sick. Coming to school with symptoms or while family members are sick, places everyone at risk of illness or quarantine.


Lastly, our goal at Lisbon Exempted Village Schools is not only to provide the highest quality educational foundation for our students, but to make Lisbon Schools a positive experience.  The most important ingredient to achieving this outcome is to ensure that lines of communication are developed to all for easy resolution of questions before they become conflicts.  We encourage you to express your concerns directly with our staff members by scheduling a conference or phone call to avoid any misunderstandings.  Our teachers and administration have always promoted an environment conducive to open lines of communication.  Lisbon has always had high standards, and will continue to appreciate the input from our stakeholders.

On behalf of the Board of Education, I would like to wish each of you a safe and enjoyable holiday season.    




Joe Siefke

Superintendent Lisbon Schools




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