Superintendent's Message

Joseph Siefke

As we proceed through the last quarter of the school year I would like to inform you about a number of important issues affecting the district and our students. The first one involves the constant effort of the Lisbon Exempted Village School District to keep all the students safe and secure. We have implemented some changes involving school safety and the BOE will continue to examine how to effectively protect your child in this ever-changing world we live in.

Secondly this year’s achievement tests that are upon us. Our goal is continuous improvement in all areas and in all grade levels. Once again, in this era of accountability these tests have become a critical item as one of the chief measures by which our schools are measured. We are asking that you the parents assist us once again in our task by making sure that you reassure with your children the importance of these tests for their future as well as that of the Lisbon School District. All in all, the academic progress in the district continues, and a big thank you goes out to the students, parents, staff and the entire Lisbon community for their hard work and dedication to improvement.

Thirdly, I had the opportunity to attend a number of extracurricular activities recently and was tremendously impressed not only with the talent and ability I saw, but also with the excitement and joy the students exhibited. It just reinforced to me how much more there is to a well-rounded education than just the basics of the school day. So please take this opportunity to encourage your children to participate in all facets that the district has to offer.

Finally, as I close this message I would like to remind you that as we continue to make efforts to improve the instruction for all students in the Lisbon Exempted Village School District, we ask that you the parents, assist us in our task by making sure that if you have questions about their progress or anything involved in your child’s education, please contact us with questions. The final reminder is to check out our website to become even more involved in your child’s education.


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