Welcome Back Students!

Photo collage of new health and safety measures in place for the school year.

Lisbon Schools welcomed students back into school buildings on August 24 with several additional health and safety precautions in place. 


Daily Temperature Checks

  • Students will have their temperatures checked daily by an indoor based automated temperature screening system. An individual’s temperature appears on the screen with a “green light” indicating he or she is good to go. The device also recognizes if someone isn’t wearing a mask. If a person does have a temperature of 100 or above, a red warning will appear with the message “Stop, do not enter.”  When a red warning occurs, an individual will go directly to a designated room to see the nurse. 

Hand Sanitizer

  • Hand sanitizer is  readily available in the hallways, classrooms,  buses and recess areas. The district has also purchased portable hand sanitizing dispensers. The playground will be sanitized each time before a new group of students uses it. Any shared supplies will be sanitized before using again. 

Face Coverings

  • As per the Ohio Governor’s mandate, students in grades K-12 must wear a face mask.

Hallways and Social Distancing

  • Building Signage/Visual Cues has been strategically placed to remind and reinforce important practices like hand washing and social distancing in the hallways. 


  • The district has purchased Plexiglas sneeze guard dividers for front office personnel and cafeteria food lines. In school cafeterias there are dividers at tables for social distancing.

School Transportation

  • Students who use school provided transportation must wear a face mask while on the bus.  Students are required to sit in assigned seats, and buses are loaded from front to back. Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed on each bus.

Bus Unloading Procedure

  • Buses still line up in the drop off lane, but only one bus at a time is unloaded. This helps with social distancing when students enter the building. When the bus is unloaded it is sanitized by maintenance so it’s clean for the next run. 

Electrostatic Disinfectants

  • Custodians will use the Electrostatic Disinfectant Machines to clean buildings after hours. The machines will be used in every classroom and high touch area. 

Additional Custodian Hired

  • An additional custodian has been hired part time to do nothing except clean touch surfaces in both buildings between the hours of 10-2 p.m.

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