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David Anderson Videos McKinley Elementary Videos
DAHS - Mid Year Review

Roller Coasters

Planets - (Mrs. Mundy's Class)

Science Lab with Mrs. Smith


Fight Against Cancer Video 1




Mid-Year at McKinley



Fight Against Cancer Video 2




Cookie Science Lesson



Lining the Hall for Veterans - Veteran's Day 2019



Positivity at McKinley Elementary



Thank You Veteran's - Veteran's Day 2019



Thank You Veteran's - Veteran's Day 2019



Band Parade of Halloween Costumes at McKinley



Halloween Costumes



High School Lessons



WIP Words in 1st Grade



Soil Experiment



Punching Out The Final Sound



Mars Rover



Paint - A - Plow



DAHS First Day of School 2019

Welcome to McKinley Elementary

Welcome to David Anderson Jr. Sr. High School

McKinley Elementary first day of school 2019

Rock Games That Rock - Engineering Design

Third Graders Make Home Made Ice Cream

David Anderson's Brew Crew

Family Fun Day 2019