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Reading Club

The Reading Club at McKinley Elementary hosted a Living Wax Museum on Friday, February 27th. Reading Club members spent time researching historical figures at after-school meetings, as well as preparing brief speeches and locating materials for costumes and props. Students were spread out in the gymnasium, standing still like a wax figure, until someone came up to push an “on” button in which each student was wearing. When a button was pushed, the historical figures would “come to life” and recite a brief speech. Each grade-level was able to come in to see the Wax Museum, as well as members of the community.  For more pictures please see Photo Gallery.

Literacy Night

Reading is Magical

McKinley Elementary School will be holding it's annual Literacy Night on Wednesday, April 1, 2015, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Our theme this year is "Reading is Magical". There will be a magician, refreshments from Subway and PTO, and lots of fun prizes and give-a-ways! All McKinley students are welcome.

I can....

I can .....

"Teachers at McKinley post "I can..." statements in their classrooms to help keep students focused and on task, and understand the objectives for the day".

Examples of "I can..." statements

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